Month: November 2016

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Can we hurry up and finish Zierdt Road?

Photo of Zierdt Road construction courtesy of SJ & L General Contractors  The $25-million Zierdt Road construction project is on...
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Behind the Scenes:
Putting on the Rocket City Classic

Basketball, for all its superstar players, remains a quintessential team sport. So, too, is the task of orchestrating a basketball...
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Rebuilding West Huntsville’s Mill Villages

Pictured above:  An Invent Communities home in Nashville Redevelopment Seeks to Preserve and Respect West Huntsville’s Rich History and Diversity...
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Creating public spaces and connectivity through greenways

As Dennis Madsen saw his BIG Picture come into focus, one aspect “caught me off-guard,” he admits. Madsen, the manager...
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Taking it to the Class:
Alabama Center for Sustainable Energy

They have been teaching the teachers, and for that, their good work has been rewarded. The team at the Alabama...
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What do three caves, firefighters and travel bloggers have in common?

An audible gasp came from some in the audience as a Huntsville firefighter went full-bore Cirque du Soleil, flipping upside...
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Oak Park to Fenway Park: Craig Kimbrel and Huntsville Parks & Recreation

How many summer nights were there? Dozens, or more like hundreds. Sandy Kimbrel grows a little bit wistful now as...