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Firefighters take up the bagpipes to honor fallen comrades

Roque Haines guessed he would get a handful of interest when approached about starting a bagpipe band for members of...
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Bicentennial signs honor legacy street names and heroes

Times have changed exponentially from the early days of Huntsville. However, in some cases, Huntsville citizens are traveling the same...
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Chilling out – Huntsville Iceplex undergoes major renovation

The much-needed renovation of the Benton H. Wilcoxon Municipal Ice Complex is set to begin in October, but that won’t...
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Huntsville’s new cross country course takes it all in stride

It was the Huntsville High School cross country team that broke the ribbon at the sparkling new cross country course...
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Maximizing the Value of Music in Huntsville’s growth

Is Huntsville heading to becoming Music City? Or perhaps Music City II? Not directly, but the Rocket City moniker could...
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Walking a mile in their shoes

John Walters was looking for a safe way to walk to work. Nicholas Nene and the staff of the City...
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Populations served – providing recreation and fun for special needs

A special group of people got together at Topgolf Huntsville for a celebration on Monday. Some boomed their drives and...
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Lunar Rover Vehicle replica
hits downtown streets
for Apollo 11 celebration

Polaris Industries specializes in building off-road vehicles. The moon’s lunar surface certainly qualifies as being off the road. Put those...
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Spiking the competition with Sand Volleyball in John Hunt Park

Beach volleyball legend Sinjin Smith sees the sparkling new Sand Volleyball Complex in John Hunt Park as an “absolutely incredible”...