Fast Facts: Huntsville Aquatics Center

single-meta-cal July 6, 2017

Here are some facts and figures regarding the Huntsville Aquatics Center.

— The facility has three pools: The Competition Pool (new), the Instructional Pool (new) and the Legacy Pool (existing), all connected by a new lobby

— 754,000-plus gallons of water is needed to fill the two new pools

— There are more than 1.330,000 gallons of water in the complex, including the Legacy Pool

— That’s some 11 million pounds of water

— To fill the pools with a standard garden hose, it would take 2 ½ months of running the water around the clock

— There are 80,000 concrete blocks and 200,000 bricks

— There is 56,409 square feet of new construction

— Two workers involved in this project – Lucky Bryant and Robert Morgan – were also involved in the construction of the old Brahan Spring Natatorium 42 years ago. Morgan is one of the project superintendents

— The key players have been Pearce Construction, Nola VanPeursem Architects, PEC Structural, Mims Engineering, Johnson and Associates and Counsilman-Hunsaker Designers. The founder of the latter is the late coach James “Doc” Counsilman, a two-time Olympic coach and six-time NCAA championship coach at Indiana University.