How to get a job with the City of Huntsville

single-meta-cal August 28, 2017

Interested in a job with the City of Huntsville? 

Step one is just a click or two from right here, on this very website. The process begins here. 

Applicants need only create an account and provide pertinent information. They can apply for specific jobs or fill out an online “job interest card” for a position that might not be currently available. They’ll be notified when the job does come open. 

(Probably best to note here that Mayor and City Council members are elected positions, so for those who might be tempted, there is no “job interest card” for those.) 

Byron Thomas, the director of Human Resources for the City of Huntsville, says that applicants should, “if you’re experienced in certain areas, bring that out. What tools set you apart? Highlight the fact that you’re a team player. Show how you’ve been proactive in resolving issues and creating answers to solutions.” 

Thomas says that “things go in cycles” when it comes to job availability. Openings may be for full-time, part-time or hourly positions. Applications for Huntsville Police Department and Huntsville Fire and Rescue go through the City’s HR department. (With a new Police Academy class being hired in early August, a position with HPD is the perfect example of when to use a “job interest” card, to be notified when the winter class is being hired.) 

10 things you need to know about getting a job with the City: 

  1. As mentioned earlier, create an account, profile and apply online. 
  2. City of Huntsville jobs are posted on the City’s website and also through Frequently, the traditional job websites – Indeed, Monster, et al – will post the jobs as well. Openings are also communicated in-house and with appropriate outside agencies (schools, other businesses) through “blue sheets,” printed job descriptions and information. 
  3. Don’t have an email address? Get one. They’re free and there’s no shortage of internet providers who’d love to have you. 
  4. Don’t have a computer? The library does. The City has kiosks at City Hall, the Municipal Justice Building and the engineering building that applicants may use to directly apply. 
  5. Keep updating your account. Though a job may be filled, your information remains in the system. As addresses, contact info, current job status, and other things change, make sure your profile is updated.
  6. Keep looking. Even though you are in the system, you must re-apply for any job that arises. You’re not automatically included among the candidates for new job postings. 
  7. Except, of course, with the “job interest card.”
  8. Your application can have a resume, cover letter and references attached.  

Keep the resume brief – two pages max – and stress the experience you have related to the specific job to which you’re applying. No need elaborating on the time you spent as a lifeguard if you’re applying to become an engineer. As Thomas says, “If you have a unique skill set and certification or other information that is relevant make sure your application reflects that.” 

  1. Various positions will require different levels of education.

“I recommend everyone to get an education level they think is best for them in order to reach their career goals,” Thomas says. “The beauty of what we have with the City of Huntsville is that we have people who have no education beyond high school all the way up to those who have doctorates. We have jobs for all educational levels and skill sets.” 

  1. Be patient and persistent. If the first application doesn’t yield fruit, the next might.

Good luck. You’ll love working for the City of Huntsville.