Intern Retrospective: Sierra Bernard “Meant to help others”

single-meta-cal August 21, 2018

Applications for the 2019 City of Huntsville intern class are open through March 15, 2019. Apply.

As a young bright-eyed and bushy-tailed aspiring attorney, my future is a little brighter this summer. Interning for the City Council in Huntsville is one of the best parts of my summer break from the illustrious Tennessee State University.

Connecting with Council Members

My internship involves many unique experiences. From sitting in meetings with Councilmember Jennie Robinson, to delivering town hall booklets with Councilmember Devyn Keith, or playing golf with Councilman Will Culver; I am able to see how each district is developing and what makes each one distinct.

On Wednesdays, I have the opportunity to connect one on one with the Council during district tours. These tours allow me to spend the day seeing their communities and learning where each district begins and ends, as well as everything in between. The Councilmembers work hard to create safe environments within their districts to help promote positivity and growth, and that is what inspires me.

Sierra Bernard

Sierra Bernard, summer intern with the Huntsville City Council

Looking toward the future

During my internship, I am meeting and talking with people from every district. For the most part, they seemed satisfied with the work being completed within their communities. I am meeting people who are long-time residents, who shared how much Huntsville is changing and growing. It is great to see the future of the city through their eyes.

Witnessing our court system in action

I was given the opportunity to shadow Whitney Aboke-Cole (City Attorney) and the presiding Judge Robinson. When I sat next to these women in the courtroom, I learned a great deal about my career and witnessed how our court system works first-hand.

Even though I showered them with questions, they were patient and answered every single one in its entirety. This experience was very informative and gave me insight into how my career would take shape after law school.

What I will take with me

Not only am I learning what it takes to run these districts and how everything ties together, I now know that it is possible to make a difference in a community. This internship is impacting my life in ways that are going to push me to become the woman I am meant to be. It is clear to me that I am meant to help others, and I will use that passion to make a difference.