My views on leadership – Michelle Gilliam Jordan

single-meta-cal March 9, 2017

Name: Michelle Gilliam Jordan

Title: Planning Director; also oversees Community Development

Family: Husband Clayton, daughter Lauren (10).

Education: Undergrad in psychology and computer science, and masters in planning from Alabama A&M

Background: Grew up in Detroit and was encouraged by her late father Joel to pursue a job in city planning. Worked an engineering planning firm, then for City of Madison and City of Decatur before joining City of Huntsville in 2009. “I talk to kids about having Plan A and a Plan B, and I’m in my Plan B. This wasn’t my undergraduate degree, but it’s ended up being a great career.”

What You Didn’t Know: She was first attendant as Miss Alabama A&M (“something that still makes me cringe when people find out”)

Jordan On Leadership: I like to use acrostics in presentations. The woman who told me about acrostics was Gloria Evans, who is the librarian at Alabama A&M. I do them at church. Even my daughter said, “Oh, Mommy, not another one.”

L– Listen and Lead. Effective leaders have to listen more than they talk, and be willing to make tough decisions.

E – Empower. Effective leaders know how to empower others to make good decisions, and help them when things don’t go as planned.

A– Advocate. Effective leaders know how to advocate for others and themselves for things that are necessary and meaningful.

D—Delegate. Being able to delegate both small and large tasks is an important trait of an effective leader.

E—Encourage. Effective leaders know how to encourage others to reach their full potential.

R – Respect. Effective leaders have respect for their peers, team members, leadership, organizations, and most importantly themselves.

S – Serve. Effective leaders know that it is better to serve others than to be served.  There is no place for inflated egos in leadership roles.

H – Humility. Effective leaders know how to show humility in all situations.

I – Inspire. Effective leaders know how to inspire others both professionally and personally.

P – Preparation. In order to be an effective leader, you must be well prepared for the role.

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