Pick your spot: A guide to parking in downtown Huntsville

single-meta-cal November 2, 2023

It’s no secret – folks are flocking to the Rocket City. Whether they’re in town for a quick visit or long-term stay, City of Huntsville officials are working to ensure there’s a “space” for them here.  

As part of The BIG Picture master plan, the City’s downtown district is also changing to serve more people. 

“It’s important that our thriving downtown district feels accommodating as we welcome more residents and visitors to Huntsville,” said Quisha Bryant, Director of Parking and Public Transit. “We’re adapting to the change with high-tech sustainable parking decks and applications that allow you to pay for parking without even touching your wallet.” 

Here is your guide to picking the right spot in downtown Huntsville. 

Around (down)town

Paid parking meters are available on almost every downtown street. Meter rates run 50 cents per hour and are enforced 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Meters are not enforced during the City’s recognized holidays, though event rates may apply. 

The City’s ever-changing downtown skyline also features numerous parking garages and paid lots within walking distance to City Hall.  

Parking Garages 

  • Garage B: 318 Fountain Circle SW, capacity of 473 
  • Garage D: 132 Greene St. NE, capacity of 480 
  • Garage M: 100 Church St. SW, capacity of 1,456 
  • Garage O: 116 Clinton Ave. SE, capacity of 496 
  • Garage T: 300 St. Clair Ave. SW, capacity of 920 

Parking Lots 

  • Lot E: 209 Eustis St. SW, capacity of 94 
  • Lot H: Jefferson St., capacity of 40 
  • Lot K: 620 Clinton Ave. NW, capacity of 550 
  • Lot P: 816 Wheeler Ave. NW, capacity of 241 
  • Lot Z: Church St., capacity of 18
  • Meridian St. Lot: Meridian St., capacity of 137 

Sustainable spaces

The City of Huntsville builds energy-efficient resources and ideas into each of its parking facilities. Many of those sustainable investments are part of the parking deck attached to the new City Hall. 

While the new deck remains under construction, General Services Director Ricky Wilkinson said plans are already in place for sustainable spaces within it. 

“We made provisions in the new City Hall deck to support future electric vehicles and chargers, including additional raceways and power capacity,” he said. “We also went with a cast-in-place concrete structure to provide longevity and additional flexibility for the years to come.” 

Each parking deck and lot across the City are also outfitted with complete LED lighting. 

A parking meter in downtown Huntsville is seen with a church in the background. The sun is overhead. The meter is black and has a digital display on the front.

The Passport Parking App allows users to pick their spot downtown without digging through their pocket for change.

Making upgrades

Gone are the days when you needed a handful of coins to pay for parking.  

Thanks to technological advancements, the City of Huntsville now utilizes the Passport Parking app, which allows drivers to digitally select their parking spots.  

The process is simple. After downloading the mobile application, look for the unique zone number on your meter’s sign or decal. You’ll then be prompted to enter information about how long you’ll be parked and your spot number. You can pay without digging for coins in your pocket!  

The application offers real-time updates and receipts during and after your session. Passport Parking is available for download on Google Play and the App Store. 

Learn more

See a full map of available downtown parking options here.