Relax, Play & Ride with new Downtown Huntsville stations

single-meta-cal June 8, 2017

Relax.Play.Ride is a new creative place-making initiative from Downtown Huntsville, Inc (DHI),  involving the placement of four pianos and twelve chairs, sponsored by PNC Bank, nearby various Downtown Huntsville BlueBikes stations.

These beautifully crafted, used pieces have been hand-painted by local artists and depict everything from fictitious maps to a lively painting of the musical artist Prince.

Chad Emerson, President & CEO of Downtown Huntsville, Inc. explained his vision for the project stemmed from a desire to create more experiences for residents and visitors alike in Huntsville’s downtown core.

“We wanted to provide our bike share guests an opportunity to do something fun and quirky before or after their ride,” Emerson said. “Best of all, non-bike share guests can also enjoy the pianos (play) and the chairs (relax).”

The ‘ride’ element of the Relax.Play.Ride stations refers to the Downtown Huntsville BlueBikes stations, which are strategically near the locations.

Relax.Play.Ride aims to generate more foot traffic in downtown while enhancing the experience of those who already enjoy the varying activities and events found in the heart of the Rocket City.

A special bike share discount is being offered through August 31 to celebrate the new program. As part of the promotion, Zagster bike share membership for a full year will cost $25, providing yet another reason to slow down, take it easy and experience the quirky, fun parts of Downtown Huntsville on their own time.

Head on out to Downtown Huntsville throughout the months of June and July with friends and family to enjoy the stations while exploring the City’s downtown parks, museums, restaurants and landmarks all at the same time.

A list of the stations where you can relax, play and ride:

S.R. Butler Green

Twickenham Square

West Side Square


Five Points


Big Spring West

Big Spring East


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