Respecting cemeteries through the holiday season

single-meta-cal December 10, 2018

The holiday season is an important time for Huntsville’s cemeteries. From honoring our military heroes at Maple Hill and Glenwood through the Wreaths Across America program to the many friends and relatives visiting the monuments of their loved ones, it is an especially busy time of year at our local cemeteries.

With the increased number of visitors, the City would like to gently remind everyone about rules and policies to follow when spending time at these properties. Following these rules allows us to show respect for the many visitors honoring their loved ones.

No pets, please

Please keep your pets at home when visiting our cemeteries. No animals, other than service animals, are allowed on the grounds. Unfortunately, a growing number of visitors are using the cemeteries, particularly at Maple Hill, to walk their dogs and it’s become problematic and upsetting for grieving families. Not following this ordinance is an offense, subject to trespassing, and we hope with further education it will stop being an issue. Please enjoy the miles of sidewalks and trails surrounding Maple Hill as a great alternative for dog walking.

Holiday decorations

Many families enjoy placing special decorations on their loved one’s grave during special occasions and holidays. Please make sure you are aware of what is allowed. The cemetery office will have a list of what is acceptable. After the holidays, please remove all decorations no later than January 31, 2019. Those not removed by that time will be donated to outside organizations.

It is also a good time of year to remember that no lights of any kind are permitted to decorate monuments. Displayed with the best of intentions, lights can be problematic for unwanted vandalism.

History lives on

There is so much history to be learned and enjoyed at cemeteries year round. It will fascinate children and adults. We encourage people to visit the historical landmarks and take in the beauty of these special places. Though the number one use of our cemeteries will always be honoring those laid to rest there, so activities that take away from that purpose are prohibited.

To keep our cemeteries respectful please, be mindful of all ordinances. You can stop by the office to get a copy or read more here. Maple Hill Cemetery has posted rule reminders at each entrance. With your help we can keep our cemeteries clean and serene.