Why small business is really big business

single-meta-cal April 26, 2017

Small business has always been a major part of my life. My dad was a small business owner. As a head golf pro, he taught the golf game to hundreds, if not thousands of Huntsville’s citizens (present company included), ran a pro shop, and managed golf operations. I saw first-hand what excellent customer care and customer experience looked like.

I also saw my dad take that same customer-centric approach to his time volunteering in the community. He spent countless hours in junior golf meetings, PTA meetings, booster club meetings, Rotary meetings, and many others.

I can’t tell you the number of times I still hear stories in town about my dad teaching someone how to play golf, or helping them find the right golf club, or volunteering to help out at school. I think my dad spent as much time at HHS volunteering as I did attending classes at school.

While he’s no longer a golf pro, he does work in our family’s small business in Atlanta along with my uncles, aunt, brother, and mom. You could say, I’m the product of small business. Small businesses have to compete in a broad landscape filled with major retailers and, increasingly, online sales. They are able to compete because they offer that little something extra…attention to you, the customer.

I think that’s why small businesses matter. Small business owners have a vested interest in the community, not just economically, but emotionally and socially. They donate to our many non-profits with their time and treasure. They become landmarks. They become reminders of our childhood and other memories. They become the essence of who we are.

Small businesses account for a major portion of our economy. Of the nearly 8,000 businesses in Madison County, 94 percent have less than 50 employees. So from a numbers perspective, small business is really big business in Huntsville.

We encourage you to support your neighbors by supporting your local small business. They can give you customer care that many larger companies can’t. It’s the personal touch that makes all the difference and you’ll be doing your part to help Huntsville continue to grow and prosper.

More information on Huntsville Small Business Week via WHNT