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Why small business is really big business

Small business has always been a major part of my life. My dad was a small business owner. As a...
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Five things to know about the 2017 Tennessee Valley Corridor Summit  

The Tennessee Valley Corridor (TVC) will hold the 22nd annual TVC Summit at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center (USSRC)...
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Redstone and Huntsville launch Joint Land Use Study

For its 75 years’ existence and through its various evolutions, Redstone Arsenal has lived a productive, synergistic co-existence with Huntsville...
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Economic Development: It takes a team

Since 2009, and as of this writing, Mayor Battle has announced 17,228 new jobs and nearly $2B in capital investment...
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From Gray to Gold – Revitalizing Madison Square Mall

For more than three decades, Madison Square Mall anchored Huntsville’s commercial corridor along University Drive and Cummings Research Park. The...
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Investment and good design.
How C6 zoning could reshape Huntsville neighborhoods

City planners are proud of their newest urban development tool and are preparing to give it a trial run. It’s...
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2016 Year in Review: Mayor Battle looks back on a great year

Pictured Above:  February announcement at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center on Huntsville becoming a Gig City with Mayor Battle, Huntsville...
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The Next Big Thing:
Grooming and growing an entrepreneurial talent pool

Pictured above:  CoWorking Night meets each Wednesday to support innovators with lectures, workshops and networking. Mayor Tommy Battle talks about...
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Rebuilding West Huntsville’s Mill Villages

Pictured above:  An Invent Communities home in Nashville Redevelopment Seeks to Preserve and Respect West Huntsville’s Rich History and Diversity...