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What do three caves, firefighters and travel bloggers have in common?

An audible gasp came from some in the audience as a Huntsville firefighter went full-bore Cirque du Soleil, flipping upside...
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A Lesson in De-escalation.
How HPD trains to prevent the worst

A teenager is under suspicion for a crime committed in a low-income neighborhood. He matches the vague description given to...
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Paving Pesky Potholes:
The process behind what gets paved and when

The sun beats down as summer refuses to surrender and you navigate around a fortress of orange cones protecting a...
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Huntsville to host inaugural Rocket City Classic – Crimson Tide vs. Arkansas State

For the University of Alabama basketball team, it’s a bold step as coach Avery Johnson tries to expand its outreach...
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One year in – a conversation with Police Chief Mark McMurray

As Huntsville Police Chief Mark McMurray looks up from his desk, with manila files staggered in one neat row, other...
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We’re Full – Again. The Uphill Battle to Save Lives at the Animal Shelter

“Why are you still here?” exclaims Dr. Karen Hill Sheppard, director of Huntsville Animal Services as she looks into the...